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Pippli-Indian long pepper
Lahsun- Garlic
Ajwain-Bishop's weed


Tejpatra-Indian bay leaf
Vrahat Ela-Greater cardamom
Palandu-Bulb onion
Marich-Black pepper
Mirch-Red pepper
Jeerak-Cumin seed
Rai-Mustard seed
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Palandu : [Bulb onion]



Sanskrit name : Palandu, Yavanesta, Durgandha, Mukhadusaka
English name : Bulb onion
Hindi name : Pyaj
Latin name :

Allium cepa

Family : Liliaceae



Leaves and bulbous root of onion are used as salad and in form of paste in order  to thicken the curry of food substances. It has intense odour and peculiar taste. The juice and aroma is irradiative to skin & mucous membrane.


Ayurvedic Properties:

Rasa : Madhur (sweet), Katu (pungent)
Guna : Guru , tiksna (sharp), snigdha (oily)
Vipaka : Madhur (sweet)
Virya : Ushna (hot)
Doshakarma : Pacifies vata and increase kapha and pitta


Chemical Constituents:

It contains acrid volatile oil- chief constituent of oil is allyl propyl, disulfide. Skin of bulb contains yellow coloring matter, Quercetin. Active principle is glycolic acid. It also contains sugar, essential oil and organic sulfide.


Useful parts: Tuber


Medicinal Properties:

Antibacterial, carminative, diuretic, tonic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, appetizer, digestive.


Medicinal uses:

Hemorrhoids, cholera, hiccups, asthma, ophthalmic diseases, vomiting, pharyngitis, epistaxis, tumour, boils, paralysis, rheumatism, leucoderma, disorders of spleen, liver and respiratory tract.


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