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Pippli-Indian long pepper
Lahsun- Garlic
Ajwain-Bishop's weed


Tejpatra-Indian bay leaf
Vrahat Ela-Greater cardamom
Palandu-Bulb onion
Marich-Black pepper
Mirch-Red pepper
Jeerak-Cumin seed
Rai-Mustard seed
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 Hing : [Asafoetida]



Sanskrit name : Jathuka, Bahlika, Hingu, Ramaha
English name : Asafoetida, Devil's dung, Stinking gum, Food of the gods, Asant
Hindi name : Hing
Latin name : Ferula asafoetida
Family : Umbelliferae



This is exudation of root, collected by making cut on  the upperside of the root. It is the  dried latex [gum oleoresin], bitter in taste, intense potensy and emits a strong disagreeable pungent odour.


Ayurvedic Properties

Rasa :  Pungent (Katu)
Guna :  Tikshna(bitter)
Vipak :  Pungent (Katu)
Virya :  Hot (Ushna)
Dosha :  Balances Vata, Kapha and increases Pitta


Chemical constituents:

It contains resins, endogenous gum, volatile oil and ash. The resin part is known to contain asareninotannols A and B, ferulic acid, umbelliferone.


Useful parts: Oleogumresin from rhizome and thickened root.


Medicinal Properties:

Acrid (sharp or biting to the taste or smell) ,carminative [helps to pass flatus], appetizer, stimulant, digestive, diuretic, antispasmodic, menstruant, helps to remove excess amount of kapha, aphrodisiac, antihelminthic and antimicrobial, analgesic, tonic, cardiac tonic, ophthalmic.


Medicinal uses:

Cough, asthma, vomiting, leny disease, indigestion, anorexia, analgesic, tympanites, abdominal pain, constipation, flatulence, epilepsy, pulmonary disorders, fever, pacify coldness etc.



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